Company: Yi Shi Yi Se (Beijing) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2016

Director: Billy Starman

Editing: Zhang Yi

Photography: Kit Chung, Sun Yu

Voice Off: Billy Starman

Producer: Billy Starman

Time: 44 min

Projection: Friday 18 November  – 16.30 – Sala Terrazzo

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the Chinese football team does not fare well on international stages. However, the Chinese Super League is popular as ever. With its expanding fan base, professional football has popularised a word: Derby. The word originally means rivalry between local teams of the same city or region, but Chinese association football has created derbies between cities or regions – the ‘Qi Lu Derby’ (between Shandong and Qingdao, the ‘Jing Jin Derby’ between Beijing and Tianjin, even terms like ‘National Derby” between Beijing and Shanghai are thrown into the regional rivalry for good measure.