Company: Benjamin Best Productions GmbH

Country: GERMANY


Discipline: Various Sports

Year: 2015

Director: Benjamin Best

Editing: Klaus Flemming

Photography: Juergen Heck

Soundtrack: Ramon Kramer Network

Producer: Benjamin Best

Time: 93 min

Projection: Saturday 19 November  Р16.55 РSala Colonne

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An expedition to the “abyss” of professional sports: the director takes the viewer a global look “behind the scenes” at the colourful world of sports and exposes the bitter taste behind the multi-billion business. The film draws upon very personal stories by protagonists from all over the world, shows how the sport system operates, and it gives those who are protesting an opportunity to speak out. In the process, it also comes to light new wheeling and dealing in the world of sports. Sport as it should not be.