Projection: Sunday 7th December – 5.20 pm – Sala Donzelli
Company: World DanceSport Federation
Country: SPAIN
Discipline: Sports dance
Year: 2014
Director: Pedro Toro
Editing: Pedro Toro
Photo: Pedro Toro, Marçal Escobedo, Formosa TV
Sound: José Luis Morales
Producer: World DanceSport Federation
Time: 69 min


For millions of dancers around the world combine prescribed technique and musical interpretation with athleticism and artistry in a stunning performance. It is on rare occasions that the international elites in all the different forms and styles of dance as sport unite on a single stage: they do so in the WDSF World DanceSport Games.The official film, with 736 athletes representing 48 nations, brings out the common traits between the most different disciplines of the DanceSport where the attires and the moves may be differ – the spirits and attitudes remain the same. It’s also the power of music,of rhythm and unique blend of those ingredients that make dance an integral part of the fabric of every society and, above all, it brings the audience very close to a group of extraordinary sportsmen and women on a quest for excellence.