Projection: Sunday 7th December – 3.55 pm – Sala Colonne
Company: Red Bull Media House, Documentary Department
Country: AUSTRIA
Discipline: Base Jump
Year: 2013
Director: Christian Schmidt
Editing: T. J. Jeffrey
Photo: Selim Kemahli, Nika Lebanidze, Zeki Cengiz Tanc
Soundtrack: Pablo Durana, Joe Knauer
Actors: Valery Rozov
Producer: Wolfgang Merkel
CoProducer: Andreas Ratschiller
Time: 52 min


One of the greatest adventures of mankind told in a one-year storyline: Will Valery Rozov be able to do a wingsuit flight from the top of the world? Starting from training on a 7.500 m peak in India, the images show the feasibility test in vast nature, wind channel testing, the development of a completely new wingsuit and the final adventure: leaping off and flying from the Everest massif.