Company: Zhongshan Broadcasting and Television Station Guangdong Sharp Sense Media Co. Ltd

Country: P.R. Of CHINA


Discipline: Danza del Drago / Dragon Dance

Year: 2016

Director: Liu Ke,Liu Wei

Editing: Post-production: Lu Jiaqiang, Zhang Wenjun, Tang Jun

Actors: Huang Zhuogen

Photo: Han Yuwen, etc.

Voice Off: Wu Jiang

Producer: Song Zhang

CoProducer: Zhao Xiaowen

Time: 50 min



As a folk art peculiar to Zhongshan, Drunken Dragon dance has been over 700 years and, in June 2008, it was listed in the national intangible cultural heritage. In Zhongshan and Macau, traditions like performing Drunken Dragon dance on Buddha’s birthday are still preserved. A year of interviews to the folklore scholars and travels across the Pearl river delta area tell the passion around Drunken Dragon. Even though they are separated geographically, people in Zhongshan and Macau perform the Drunken Dragon dance every year to express their pride of being the descendants of the dragon.