Company: CCMA – Televisió de Catalunya

Country: SPAIN


Discipline: Skateboarding

Director: Jordi Bentanachs Sanz

Edting: Txus Villanova

Actors: Paco Gabas, Àngel Borrell, José Manuel Roura

Photo: Miguel Àngel Navajas

Soundtrack: Mark Snow

Producer: Roser Mas

Running Time: 19 min


In 2020, 40 riders will enter history. The main candidates to hang up the first Olympic gold medal are the North American Nyjah Huston and the Brazilian Leticia Bufoni. Huston and Bufoni are media figures, they move 6 figures and have millions of followers in the social networks. The city has become an essential destination for skateboarders around the world but the beginning of this sport in the country was very different. It is the story of the first skate park in Spain built 40 years ago when skating was a crime. Not in Barcelona, not in Madrid but in a small village: Arenys de Munt.