Company: WhereNext



Discipline: Cycling

Director: Julián Manrique

Edting: Santiago Ospina Castro, Julián Manrique, Felipe Nieto

Actors: Documentary Cast: Esteban Chaves, Amparo Blanco, Brayan Chaves, Carolina Rubio Osorio, Carlos Omar Guerrero, Francisco Rubio, Jairo Chaves, Janosch Wintermantel, Juan Felipe Silva, Santiago Alzate

Photo: Julián Manrique

Soundtrack: Various Artists

Producer: WhereNext

Co Producer: Scott

Running Time: 23 min


Esteban Chaves is one of the best Colombian professional cyclists of all time. Due to different reasons he felt out of love with cycling. After a series of injuries and a serious illness that kept him away from professional cycling for almost a year, in 2019, he returned to his rural roots to recover. Most importantly, he returned home to rediscover and reconnect with his passion. It is a personal part of his life, his fears and his goals while he’s preparing for a comeback.