Projection: Monday 8th December – 3.00 pm – Sala Expo
Company: Maga Animation Studio – Teleimages productions
Series created by: Philippe Alessandri, Marco Beretta, Monica Rattazzi, Giorgio Welter
Executive producers: Massimo Carrier Ragazzi, Philippe Alessandri, Giorgio Welter
Producer RAI: Annita Romanelli
Discipline: Soccer
Director: Franck Michel
Italian Soundtrack: Luca Bigliazzi, Demetrio Focarelli Barone, Paolo Pasquariello
France Soundtrack: Disiz, Bustafunk
Producer RAI: Annita Romanelli
Co-Producer: Maga Animation Studio – Teleimages productions – Rai Fiction, France Television with the participation of Lagardere Active for Gulli and Canal J with the support of the program MEDIA, CNC.
Time: 26 min


The Street Football guys have left a great heritage. Tag has grown up and he returns with his reputation as a street football champion to coach La Team, his stepbrother Samu’s team. Together they will try to win against the other 4 teams of boys and girls, in a metropolitan environment, with always different rules and competitions. From the traditional 5-a-side, enriched by other urban sports like komball, free-running, skating, dancing, acrobatics, gymnastics and parkour, the Extreme Football sport, football freestyle, is raised to nth the power! Each team has styles and tactics that identify them, arising from their habitat, their ethnicity, their different way of training, entering in the workouts always different and acrobatics exercises.