Projection: Friday 5th December – 6.40 pm – Sala Donzelli
Company: Phoenix Films
Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2014
Director: Jose Joaquim Soares, Jose Candido Soares
Editing: Leonardo Kaufman
Photo: Jose Joaquim Soares
Soundtrack: Patrick Laplan
Voice Off: Alex Marrow
Producer: Phoenix Films
CoProducer: Sportv
Time: 52 min


Here it is the first film to tell how football came to Brazil in 1874 by the works of the Imperial Princess and how it developed in the country until the third world cup in 1938, with the first footage of the Brazilian football in 1909, captured not long after the invention of cinema in France. It’s the greatest recovery of the Brazilian football memory researched in many archives around the world. It is the first motion picture ever to grasp the essence of the spirit of the Brazilian football.