Company: Hangzhou Ergeng Network Technology Co. Ltd
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2018
Director: Liu Qinlu
Editing: Liu Qinlu
Actors: He Yiyi
Photo: Huang Honghui, You Qizhao
Producer: Zheng Long
CoProducer: Lv Liangdong
Time: 6 min




He Yiyi know football when he was very young, he got deeply obsessed with the sport. Football became his life. But fate seems to have made a huge joke with him. In a health examination, his left leg was diagnosed with a malignant tumor. His life would be under threat if he doesn’t amputate his left leg. After several painful struggles, he had his left leg cut off. Therefore, in order to play football again, He Yiyi joined China Disabled Persons’ Federation in 2012 and participated in individual track and field events. He would play football with a pair of crutches whenever he got time so that he could run in the field again. No matter how hard it will be, one-legged He Yiyi will keep running and lead himself to a whole new football world with his crutches.