Projection: Monday 8th December – 4.15 pm – Sala Parlamentino
Company: Flair Films
Discipline: Kayak
Year: 2013
Director: Polly Green
Editing: Polly Green
Photo: Polly Green
Soundtrack: Minnie Marks
Actors: Claire O’hara, Emily Jackson, Ruth Gordon-Ebens, Dennis Newton
Voice Off: Polly Green
Producer: Polly Green
Time: 29 min


After a four year break from competitive kayaking, film maker Polly Green decides to get back on the river. After qualifying for the New Zealand team, Green heads to Germany for the 2011 World Championships where she discovers the sport has advanced enormously during her absence. Disappointed to not make the first cut, Green continues to follow three women during the race giving viewers a rare look into the mind, heart, and drive of an unusual and inspiring sport. Ruth Gordon-Ebens and Emily Jackson are both former world champs with a wealth of experience behind them. Claire O’hara has been training hard and her dream of a world title is now in sight.