Company: RAI Radiotelevisione italiana

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Various Sports

Year: 2016

Director: Graziano Conversano

Editing: Alessandro Giuliani

Producer: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

Time: 49 min



Profession: journalist, inventor of neologism entered in the common lexicon. Maybe the most important sport writer that Italy has ever had. Gianni Brera, class 1919, born in San Zenone Po and always attached to Bassa Pavese, so that he defined himself “il Principe della Zolla”, begins writing about sport when he was really young and he soon established himself as one of the leading signatures of Italian sports critics, becoming, at  only 30 years, in 1949, the director of Gazzetta dello Sport. Brera’s sign in the Italian language is also found in the many neologisms designed to describe football: words like midfielder, sweeper, “run out the clock”, goal scorer, pre-tactical, are still used normally today in the sport and common language. The documentary describes the adventurous life of Gianni Brera, with the help of the journalist’s television shows and testimonies of people who knew him and worked with him: Gian Paolo Ormezzano, Gianni Mura, Paolo Brera, Claudio Rinaldi, Andrea Maietti e Sergio Giuntini.