Company: RAI Radiotelevisione italiana

Country: ITALY


Discipline: Various Sports

Year: 2016

Director: Walter Veltroni

Editing: Claudio Busato, Loriana Lucarini

Producer: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana

Time: 70 min



Sport is an individual challenge, a play group but especially a great collective ritual. Here are told all these aspects, the experience of the sport practice and the show of sport. Each athlete tells in his way his story, but the emotions of those who cheers join together everybody, from north to south of Italy, intellectuals and common people. The hopes of a debut, the overpowering  joy for a victory, the despair for a sudden grief. Sports journalism had in Rai great reporters who were able to tell all that, in an educated way without losing the freshness of the emotions and the strength of sports passion, which was one the main ingredients for the national identity. Among the personalities of the episode:  Beppe Viola e Gianni Rivera, Gianni Brera e Nereo Rocco, Fausto Coppi, Sergio Zavoli, Gigi Meroni, Gigi Riva, Omar Sivori, Muhammad Alì, Ayrton Senna, Pietro Mennea, Marco Pantani.