Company: Xinhua News Agency

Country: P.R. OF CHINA


Discipline: Triathlon

Edting: Sun Xiaodi

Actors: Wang Jiachao

Photo: Zhou Lei, Fan Liang, Ji Yunxiao

Producer: Xinhua Sports

Running Time: 6 min


Wang Jiachao, born in a rural area in Yunan Province in China, has won a gold medal and two silver medals at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London, before getting a master degree in Yunan Normal University. The Olympic dream has been in his deep within his heart therefore he decided to try to return to the Paralympic stage with paratriathlon. He had to overcome a lot of challenges along the way to deal the new sport, but he made it and has traveled step by step the path towards the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. He will be the only Chinese athlete competing in international paratriathlon races. He has decided to give back to the society by opening a swimming camps for kids.