Projection: Sunday 7th December – 8.40 pm – Sala Terrazzo
Company: Caribe Produções
Country: BRAZIL
Discipline: Volleyball
Year: 2014
Director: Helena Sroulevich
Editing: Bruno Athayes, Helena Sroulevich
Photo: Dante Belluti
Soundtrack: Léo Cruz, Rafael Barbedo de Aguiar and Rodrigo Andrade  & “Braço Valente” by Teresa Cristina
Actors: Bernardo Rezende, Giba, José Roberto Guimarães, Fabí, Ricardinho, Andrea Zorzi, Andrea Gardini
Producer: Claudia Furiati, Daniel Furiati Sroulevich and Helena Sroulevich
Time: 92 min


The aim is to discover the secret behind the most successful “decade” (2001-2012) of both male and female Brazilian volleyball teams by intimate daily living with athletes, such as Giba, Fabí Ricardinho, Serginho and the coaches Bernardo Rezende and José Roberto Guimarães as they prepare themselves for the London Olympic Games.