Company: Parapictures Film Production Gmbh
Country: GERMANY
Discipline: Various Sports
Year: 2011-2013
Director: Micheal Hammon
Editing: Katia Dringenberg
Photography: Micheal Hammon, Marcus Winterbauer
Soundtrack: Bass Musikproduktion
Actors: Kurt Fearnley, Kirsten Bruhn, Henry Wanyoike
Producer: Andreas F. Schneider, Hendrik Flügge
Time: 101 min
Projection: Thursday 5 December – 3:00 pm – Sala Torre




The emotional story about three outstanding top athletes: Henry Wanyoike, a blind marathon runner from Kenya, Kirsten Bruhn, a paralyzed swimmer from Germany and Kurt Fearneley, Australian Wheelchair racer. A deep inside view into the private and professional lives which makes understand why they receive many recognition in their countries becoming role models within the Society. They push to the limit every day, they support where there is need and they show us that inside each one of us lies something larger than life, something valuable. Its peakwas reached at the Paralympics in London 2012: the whole city celebrates the athletes gathered from all around the world. For 10 days London was in a state of pure excitement and taken up by a storm of the pure love for life which nobody could escape. The message launched: “You can achieve much more than you think”.