Company: Associate Directors
Country: BELGIUM
Discipline: Cycling
Year: 2013
Director: Fons Feyaerts
Editing: Mathias Veress
Photography: Lou Berghmans
Soundtrack: Nits
Actors: Richard Virenque, Davide Boifave, Jean-François Bernard, Juan manuel Garate, Merckx (archive), Pantani (archive)
Voice Off: Rodrigo Beenkens, Patrick Chassez (French spoken)
Producer: Associate Directors (BE)
CoProducer: Seppia Film (FR), Stenola Productions (BE), Bonanza Film (NL)
Time: 73 min
Projection: Friday 6 December – 3:45 pm – Sala Colonne



A breath-taking racebroadcasted as if it was live with a heart stopping play-by-play, in which five cycling heroes race against each other during the Tour de France (which reached the 100th edition in 2013) in an unprecedented race beyond the bounds of time. Who will become the king of the Mont Ventoux? The Belgian “The Cannibal” Eddy Merckx, winner on the Venteux in 1970, “Jeff” Bernard winner in 1987, Richard “Coeur de Lion” Virenque winner in 2002, Marco Pantani  called “the Pirate” winner in 2000 or “Juanma” Garate, victorious in the 2009 edition? Starting at the feet of the mountain, the racers will face it in a 21-kilometres climb, crossing a road that takes from a windy forest to the almost-lunar “Monte Calvo”‘s summit, in an exausting proof of strenght and resistance. Will triumph the technique or the talent? Will really the victory proclaim the greatest mountaineer of all? An exploration of the extraordinary evolution of competitive cycling over the last 40 years, presenting common men as legendary heroes.