Company: Czech Television


Section: MOVIES

Discipline: Basketball

Director: Radim Špaček

Edting: Anna Johnson Ryndova

Actors: Pilip Brezina, Patrycja Volny, Zdenek Piskula, Alena Mihulova, Jan Hartl

Photo: Vladimir Smutny

Soundtrack: Jakub Kudlac

Producer: Buc-Film – Jaroslav Boucek

Co Producer: Miroslav Jansta, Tipsport, Punkchart Films, Barrandov Studio

Running Time: 107 min


The main storyline focuses in the fateful love between Frantisek, a young lawyer and athlete, and Michelle, a dancer, who meet at the post-war European Basketball Championship in Geneva in 1938. Michelle has suffered hard life, having escaped from her home because of Stalin and Hitler. Their story, which, in addition to politics, is affected by the trainer Valentor and the functionary Hrabal – culminates in 1951 when Europe has already been divided by the Iron Curtain for several years.