Thursday 11th November at 12.40 am – online

Aquatic Sports Surf

Taublieb Films

USA 2021, 69 min

Director: Paul Taublieb

Editing: Wesley Forsyth

Actors: Shane Dorian, Makua Rothman, Keala Kennelly, Kai Lenny, Nic Von Rupp, Matt Bromley, Billy Kemper

Photos: Wesley Forsyth, David Clark

Soundtrack: Vanacore

Voice Off: Paul Taublieb

Producer: Paul Taublieb, Susan Cooper, Mitch Covington

CoProducer: Stacy Transou

An in-depth look at the 2020-2021 big wave season which is considered one of the greatest of all time. Showcasing some of the most famous big wave spots on the planet, including Nazare, Jaws, and Mavericks, while also telling the dramatic human stories behind the surfers who tackle these spots.