Company: Nish Média
Country: CANADA
Discipline: Ice Hockey
Year: 2012
Director: Jason Brennan
Editing: Randy Kelly
Photography: Jean-Claude Caprara
Producer: Jason Brennan
Time: 44 min
Projection: Friday 6 December – 5:15 pm – Sala Donzelli








Two episodes of the youth series that will see dreams come true as the best young male Aboriginal players come together for a 2-week NHL-like training camp. From physical training, on ice drills and different team building activities, these 20 prospects will experience the highs and lows of a professional calibre training camp and will grow not only as a team but also as men. The hopefuls will be tested and the lessons they will learn during this experience will resonate for a lifetime. Their ultimate payoff will be to showcase their skills playing against a mystery team under the scrutinizing eyes of real life junior scouts. Will their performances be enough to grant them an invite to a junior training camp? For many this could be the chance of a lifetime and a stepping-stone to the pros.