Company: Tall Tales Productions
Country: USA
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Baseball
Year: 2012
Director: Richie Nash, Darin Anthony
Editing: Micheal Lim, Harry B. Miller III
Photography: Lincoln Lewis
Soundtrack: Steve O’Reilly
Actors: J. Richey Nash, Courtney Henggeler, Travis Schuldt, Peter Van Norden, Abby Wathen, Bruce Dern
Producer: J. Richey Nah, Jimmy Holcomb
CoProducer: John Winn Miller, Jennifer Miller, Charles Heaton
Time: 103 min
Projection: Sunday 8 December – 3:00 pm – Sala Donzelli








Rip, a professional baseball player nearing the end of his career, reluctantly revisits his long-forgotten hometown to face his estranged, dying father. While attempting to reconcile his fractured past with an uncertain future, he begins to gain insight into the choices, opportunities and sacrifices that people confront when they outlive the life of their dreams. Through a journey of self-discovery, redemption and forgiveness, Rip learns that life isn’t always played between the chalk lines of baseball diamond.