Sports discipline: Athletics

 Production company: Triple VM

ITALY 2020, 47 min

Director/Editing: Edoardo Accetta

Actors: Edoardo Accetta, Simone Manigrasso

Photos/Soundtrack: Edoardo Accetta

Voice Off: Edoardo Accetta, Simone Manigrasso

Producer: Edoardo Accetta


It is a collective journey narrated in first person by its protagonist, Simone Manigrasso, who talks about his incident, the depression that came after his coming back to the everyday life, his struggle to getting back working and his incredible discovering of his talent, determination and strength which made him a star in Paralympic track and field. It is genuine and honest story, without any attempts to hide the hardships and weaknesses, in which everyone can find a part of himself and a great inspiration to keep going.