Company: Beijing Documentary

Country: P.R. Of CHINA


Discipline: Skiing

Year: 2017

Director: Yan Wei

Editing: Yan Wei

Photo: Yan Shuo

Voice Off: Peng Linhai

Producer: Zhang Jie

Time: 25 min



Before the advent of winter in 2013, Switzerland Tourism and Switzerland Snow Sports Federation once organized a recruitment fair in Qiaobo Skiing Resort in Beijing, employing eight Chinese skiing coaches to work as skiing instructors in Switzerland. Li Longlong is one of them. As a countryside boy born after 1985, Li Longlong was once a welder in a factory at the very beginning. During his holidays, he worked as attendant in the skiing resorts where he got to know skiing. After years of work, he gave up the stable work in the state-owned company and became a skiing coach on the skiing site in Chongli. Four years ago, his life changed. As alone in Switzerland, how will this exotic experience test him? What are his dreams about snow sports and Olympic Games?