Company: Grintafilm Associazione Culturale
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Boxing
Year: 2013
Director: Raffaella Rizzi
Editiong: Raffaella Rizzi, Fabrizio Giuliano
Photography: Raffaella Rizzi
Soundtrack: AA.VV
Actors: Il maestro Dino Orso e la sua squadra di pugili, la All Boxing Team
Producer: Grintafilm
Time: 80 min
Projection: Thursday 5 December – 7:25 pm – Sala Donzelli



A gym on the edge of the town, a strict Teacher that trains his students to the ring’s life, which really is the life’s ring. Dino Orso, that is the Teacher’s name, works at the “All boxing Team” in Turin, in the all-time Vincenzo Fontana’s gym, karate’s coach and amateur boxer. In Dino and Vincenzo’s world live and sweat prepared athletes, but most of all really  serious and generous people, that play box with passion and devotion and live the gym as a happy island, a place where take refuge, a place where all people stay well together and know each other, a familiar place that “smell of house”. All the athletes are led with the same devotion, involvement and energy, everyday, also after a working day by Dino and the other coaches Luca, Alessandro and Sabino. “Boxing is a passion that you can carry on until the end: it’s sacrifice, effort, pain, but it’s worth it”. Take Dino and his boxer’s world for it!