Thursday 11th November at 2.50 pm – online


Pallacanestro / Basketball

Morefree (Wu You)

P. R. OF CHINA 2020, 18 min

Director/Regista: Morefree (Wu You)

Editing/Montaggio: XiaomingLiu, Shibao Yu, Cong Wang, Liang Lv

Actors/Attori: Morefree (Wu You)

Photos/Foto: Liu Xiaoming

Voice Off/Voce Narrante: Morefree (Wu You)

Producer/Produttore: Morefree (Wu You)

For the first time, the young players of Liangshan Black Falcon come out from remote mountain area to Beijing for a Basketball field trip, with great competitiveness and desires in their eyes. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, where the cheers from audience are combined with brutal defeats in a few days. Imperceptible influence: it’s a 4-word Chinese idiom that means that our mind or personality can be influenced and can be changed unobtrusively and imperceptibly. As a medium of energy transmission, Basketball opens a window to another dimension of the world. Pure love for good expectations itself is just enough to trigger the butterfly effect. When these stories merge into our common experience, the resonance of love also manages to create more possibilities of growth, for oneself and for others.