Company: Quang Ngai Television Station

Country: VIETNAM


Discipline: Crossbow

Year: 2017

Director: Ho Nhat Thao

Editing: Tran Linh Truc

Actors: Ta Nguyen Kieu

Photo: Tran Vu Linh

Soundtrack: Trinh Cong Son

Voice Off: Ta Nguyen Kieu

Producer: Tran Thanh Hung

Time: 14 min



One day, when he was 20 years old, day, Ta Nguyen Kieu was led into a strange path by the soul of a crossbowl, a traditional Vietnamese sport. From that moment, he gave up everything to follow the call of the “ghost crossbow”. He understood he was the chosen one and for 20 years, crossbow’s soul  has led him through many emotional, life events. Eventually, both his soul and crossbows’s soul were one. Ta Nguyen Kieu has won national championships many times, and now he is teaching crossbows  throughout Vietnam.