Projection: Saturday 6th December – 5.45 pm – Sala Donzelli
Company: ActionAid
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2014
Director: Fabio Breccia
Actors: Enrico Bertolino, Aldo Montinaro
Voice Off: Enrico Bertolino
Producer: RAI Emanuela Capo
CoProducer: ActionAid
Time: 61 min


During the Soccer World Cup, ActionAid takes the field to tell everybody that it is possible to defeat hunger and poverty. The trip of six ten and eleven-years-old Italian boys from Torino, l’Aquila and Reggio Calabria to Brazil  and their meeting with as many Brazilian peers with their same passion for soccer is told, every day, by the television host Enrico Bertolino through their dreams and experience made of new friendship, surprises, discoveries, emotions and daily trainings coordinated by the sports trainer Aldo Montinaro, with a view to the final match they will play with their new friends: “Italy – Brazil”, the the match “par excellence” for those who love soccer.