Projection: Monday 8th December – 3.25 pm – Sala Colonne
Company: Groox Filmproduction
Country: AUSTRIA
Discipline: Motorcycling
Year: 2013
Director: Jürgen Gruber
Editing: Jürgen Gruber, Florian Kreis
Photo: Michael Hausberger, Christina Ehammer, Clemens Haid, Philipp Slaje, Stephan Kraus
Soundtrack: Markus Illko
Actors: Horst Saiger
Voice Off: Michael-Che Koch
Producer: Michael Hausberger
Time: 75 min


An in-depth insight into the soul of Horst Saiger whose life is subjected to an unfathomable motivation. The film accompanies him in pursuit of his goals or big challenge which represents the highlight of the film: Horst Saiger wants to live out a childhood dream, developed 25 years ago in his mother’s garage: completing the most dangerous motorbike race in the world, the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. A film about Horsts’ way to the legendary Tourist Trophy at the Isle of Man and his passion for action.