Company: HelliVentures Filmproduktion
Country: GERMANY
Discipline: Mountaineering
Year: 2012
Director: Joachim Hellinger
Editiong: Matthias Thönnissen
Photography: Jochen Schmoll
Soundtrack: ZAZ
Actors: ZAZ (Isabelle Geffroy), Benoît Simon, Mathieu Lucas, Dani Arnold
Producer: Johannes von Kirschbaum, Tatjana Otta
Time: 9 min
Projection: Thursday 5 December – 5:25 pm – Sala Donzelli









French singer ZAZ was singing on a street corner in Montmartre, a cabaret ensemble and in a latin rock band. Ever since her breakthrough in 2010 with dozens of concerts in front of thousands of fans. She‘s never sung at an altitude of 4800 meters. Her dream is a concert on Mont Blanc. Unplugged of course, only accompanied by her guitarist Benoît and Mathieu on the contrabass. Before they can play on the top of Europe all three musicians must ascend the mountain. Being quite green alpinists this is not an easy feat, not to mention the contrabass which has to be carried all the way up as well… Accompanied by a group of mountain guides headed by the Swiss alpinist Dani Arnold the three set out.