Sunday 14th November at 12.40 pm – Fondazione Riccardo Catella – ground floor

Winter Sports Alpine Ski

Produzioni Alberto Valtellina

ITALY 2020, 77 min

Director: Alberto Valtellina e Maurizio Panseri

Editing: Alberto Valtellina e Maurizio Panseri

Actors: Maurizio Panseri, Marco Cardullo, Alessandro “Geko” Gherardi, Jean-Paul Zuanon, Maria Bigoni, Francois Renard

Photos: Alberto Valtellina e Maurizio Panseri

Soundtrack: Alessandro Adelio Rossi

Producer: Alberto Valtellina

The crossing of the Orobie Alps with skis, from Lake Como to Carona di Valtellina (Italy), has been traveled four times since 1971: 180 kilometers and 15,000 meters in altitude in a week. In the most populated Italian region, a few kilometers from the logistics headquarters, from the industrial sheds, from the aperitifs, you discover wild, wonderful and solitary places. In spring 2018, Maurizio Panseri and Marco Cardullo travel and film the itinerary for the fifth time. It is a journey with breath-taking images through the mountains and in the history of mountaineering: looking for the originators of the crossing, in the Bergamo valleys and in France.