Company: Danila Gulin

Country: RUSSIA


Discipline: Cricket

Year: 2017

Director: Danila Gulin

Editing: Danila Gulin

Actors: Flag-bearer Movindu Pehsara. Speakers: The Senior Deputy

Photo: Danila Gulin, Milena Krawetz, Ivan Cengic, Evgeniy Shishkin, Sergey Roy

Soundtrack: Danila Gulin

Producer: Danila Gulin

Time: 15 min



For 137 years two main Sri Lankan colleges have been organizing cricket matches between their teams. 8500 students wore white uniform of Royal College to honor of the captain of their team. The crowd is flowing like a white river out of the green cricket field to the streets. A grey elephant, grey tarmac, old houses. A blue and yellow banner is hiding the face of an elderly drummer. A trumpet is playing a tune together with kazoos and roaring chants, spreading along the white river.