Thursday 11th November at 4.50 pm – online


Matías Riccardi

ARGENTINA 2021, 111 min

Director: Matias Riccardi

Editing: Alberto Ponce

Actors: Leopoldo Jacinto Luque, Ubaldo Matildo Fillol, Mario Alberto Kempes, Daniel Bertoni

Photos: Sebastián Proazzi

Soundtrack: Víctor Luckert

Voice Off: Leopoldo Jacinto Luque

Producer: Matias Riccardi, Diego Chino Flores, Dámaris Rendón

When Leoppoldo Jacinto was ten, his father wanted him to be a cyclist but he preferredplaying soccer. His path was full of obstacles and frustrations, but his determination and perseverance lead him to achieve the ultimate goal of every footballer: becoming a World Champion representing his country. It is his story – in the first person – about his dreams caming true.