Thursday 11th November at 6.40 pm – online

Winter Sports Ski Jumping

MG Productions

USA 2020, 7 min

Director: Marianne Galvin

Editing: Marianne Galvin, H.Adam Lenz

Photos: Maryanne Galvin, Dave Melpignano, Mark Levasseur

Voice Off: Mark Levasseur

Producer: Maryanne Galvin

Those living in New England in the 1970s looked with admiration to the local hockey team, the Boston Buins, and their star, Bobby Orr. All except Mark Levasseur, a talented and athletic 10-year-old boy from Worcester, Massachussetts. Mark dreamed of breaking the record, held by his father, in ski jumping, to become a new Bobby Orr. A hymn to love that recounts Levasseur’s fifty-year sporting journey. A deep interview, in which Levasseur pays tribute to the man and the sports community to which he attributes his courage, his passion and his determination.