Company: 13 Productions
Country: FRANCE
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2013
Director: Théo Schuster
Editing: Emmanuel Besnard
Photography: Johan Le Ruz
Soundtrack: Koudlam – Pan European Recording
Actors: Eric Cantona
Voice Off: Eric Cantona
Producer: Cyrille Perez, Gilles Perez, Eric Cantona, Jean-Marie Cantona, Joël Cantona
CoProducer: Canto Brps Productions, Canal + France, Centre National de la Cinematographie et de l’image animée
Time: 52 min
Projection: Saturday 7 December – 5:00 pm – Sala Parlamentino









“The mother of all the battles”, “the derby of the eternal enemy” and nowadays the “civil war”… In the streets of Athens, Eric Cantona meets the people injured by the recession to speak to them, to listen to them. He goes to the mythical places of this crisis, like the garden of the Syntagrama Square where a 77-years-old man suicided himself because of his retirement reduced by govermental decision, which did not permit him to live with dignity. Like a shadow carried on the Athens streets, his tall figure reminds us the absurdity of financial drift, which brought all the Greeks in a disaster. The derby between Olympiakos The Piraeus and Athens Panathinaikos reflects the Greek situation. Tragic, burning and taken away by the whirlwind of the crisis which is destroying the country since 2008.