Projection: Sunday 7th December – 5.00 pm – Sala Terrazzo
Company: RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Country: ITALY
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Judo
Year: 2014
Director: Marco Pontecorvo
Editing: Alessio Doglione
Photo: Vincenzo Carpineta
Soundtrack: Francesco De Luca, Alessandro Forti
Actors: Giuseppe Fiorello, Anna Foglietta, Giuseppe di Gennaro
Producer: Pico Media & Ibala Film in collaborazione con Rai Fiction
Time: 100 min


Scampia is a suburb of Naples with one of the highest unemployment rates in Italy where 120 thousand inhabitants live. Here there is the gym that Enzo Capuano runs together with his Master Lupo. Enzo and Lupo are friends, but they are very different: the first is so impulsive and impetuous, as the latter is reflexive. From their work was createda group of young judoki, mostly taken from the street, which has its best results in Toni, Enzo and Teresa’s son. Camorra sets fire to¬† Enzo’s gym, where Lupo dies. The blow, especially for Enzo, is very hard and Toni realizes that it can not be called out of that battle: he asks his father to return to train him in the Olympics.