Thursday 11th November at 7.10 pm – online


Mpt Design

ITALY 2021, 20 min

Director: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Editing: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Actors: Mitu Monteiro and the Madagascar children

Soundtrack: Emily Brimlow, Propaganda, Saint Mesa, Emerald Park, Giri in Hawaii, Brady Ellis, Madjo, Candiani&Moore, Alone, Levy&Gana, Ayalollah

Voice Off: Mitu Monteiro

Producer: Piero Pandozzi Trani

Sport People documentary-series of 6 episodes on water sports (surfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, sailing, rowing and windsurfing). Vision: Inspire people to believe in their dreams. Mission: Telling the story of athletes who have realized the dreams and those people committed to make the world better place in term of diversity, enviromental susteninability and integration. Kitesurfing episode: Sporting discipline may emerge by chance or by necessity. In the case of Mitu Monteiro it was a necessity. Born in Cape Verde from a very humble family, after 3 months of work he bought just a part of the kitesurfing equipment, he missed the board. So he started with a small surfboard not appropriate for kitesurfing but which allowed him to combine the two sports. The result of this forced experiment was the “Strapless”, one of the most spectacular and famous kitesurfing disciplines today. It is practiced by millions of people all over the world. Since Mitu became world champion for the first time in 2008, sports tourism in Cape Verde has grown significantly giving jobs to many people. This is the biggest victory for Mitu Monteiro. In this episode, during two trips to Madagascar (10 years apart), we’ll tell Mitu’s story and we show local people and traditions, beautiful beaches and the unforgettable smile of the children who tried kitesurfing and other soirts with Mitu Monteiro for a day.