Company: LLC “Racoon-cinema”
Country: RUSSIA
Section: MOVIES
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2012
Director: Andrey Malyukov
Editing: Gabriella Cristiani
Photography: Sergey Mihalchuk
Soundtrack: Ivan Burlyaev, Richard Horowitz
Actors: Sebastian Anton, Karen Badalov, Sergey Bezrukov
Producer: Ilya Neretin, Dmitriy Kulikov, Timofey Sergeytsev
Time: 117 min
Projection: Tuesday 3 December – 8:45 pm – Sala Colonne








The film is based on the real events. 1942, occupied Kiev. The football team “Start”, composed basically by ex-players of the famous Dinamo Kiev, played ten matches against the team of the occupant forces and won all the matches. Then, the Nazis formed the special team that they reinforced with players from the professional Reichsleague in order to organise the return match. They must win it all costs to prove the declared superiority of the Aryan race. Their plan failed due to the heroism, spirit and the sports honour of the soviet players. The movie, like the most famous “Two Half Times in Hell” and “Escape to Victory”, tells the facts of 9th August 1942 in the notorious “Death Match”.