Friday 12th November at 10.30 am – online

Calcio / Soccer

Triumpho Filmes

BRAZIL 2020, 18 min

Director/Regista: Paulo Junior

Editing/Montaggio: Murilo Costa

Photos/Foto: Bruno Graziano, Paulo Junior, Pedro Tattoo

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Gabriel Mori, João Victor dos Santos

Producer/Produttore: Lucas Borges

Gerd Wenzel was born in Berlin, and when he was young he arrived in Brazil as a refugee from East Germany. Here, he was a pastor, discovered himself as a football commentator. Today, at 75,  he has regained social and political militancy after fleeing World War II, overcoming Nazism, being persecuted by the military dictatorship and never stopping the fight for freedom.