Projection: Saturday 6th December – 7.10 pm – Sala Terrazzo
Company: Virtus Entella
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2014
Director: Guia Croce
Editing: Guia Croce, Massimo Salvucci
Photo: Guia Croce
Soundtrack: AAVV
Producer: Virtus Entella
Time: 75 min


One hundred years in the life of Entella Football Club retold in the words of the main characters of every age. Sites, faces, tales, emotions of those that are part of this chronicle make up a portrait of a small town in the Italian province and of its football club which, to this day, are still very closely identified with one another. The appreciation of one’s own roots strengthens the bond and the feeling of belonging to the town’s community and it is further enhanced by this season’s stunning accomplishment of the Club being promoted for the first time in its centennial history in the Italian Serie B League.