Company: NHK – Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Country: JAPAN


Discipline: Synchronized Swimming

Year: 2016

Director: Yoriko Koizumi

Editing: Mitsunori Morimoto

Photo: Fumihiko Saito, Norio Nakanishi, Masaki Watanabe.

Voice Off: Jack Merluzzi

Producer: NHK

Time: 49 min



NHK combined cutting-edge 4K technologies with its wealth of knowhow in scientific analysis of sports to investigate the secrets behind the physical prowess of two of Russia’s top synchronized swimmers. This technology not only beautifully captures the swimmers’ performance, but also reveals for the first time the oxygen consumption in their muscles and brains, and how their bodies have evolved to gain an ability akin to that of aquatic mammals. “Russia’s golden duo” shows how years of targeted training can make the impossible…possible.