Friday 12th November at 1.10 pm – online

Hockey su Ghiaccio / Ice Hockey

LLC “Newsreel”

RUSSIA 2019, 50 min

Director/Regista: Sergei Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Aleksandrov

Editing/Montaggio: Aleksandr  Aleksandrov

Photos/Foto: Sergei Aleksandrov

Soundtrack/Colonna Sonora: Pavel Mashchenko

Producer/Produttore: Lyudmila Korsik, Elena Dubkova

In an old town on the Ural River Neiva, older and younger generations talk about meaning of life. Which way to take? How to resist alcoholism and drug addiction? Adults teach teenagers not only by their example, but also bitter experience. A teacher of literature, children’s coach, medical radiologist, paratrooper’s father and a mother of a young hockey player share their life experience. The coach S. Okalin has found long ago an antidote to alcoholism and drug addiction. He is willing to share it with his students.