Company: Hangzhou Ergeng Network Technology Co. Ltd

Country: P.R. Of CHINA


Discipline: Climbing

Year: 2017

Director: Guo Xiang, Wang Gang

Editing: Guo Xiang

Actors: Jin Feibao

Photo: Guo Xiang

Soundtrack: Deng Shuwen

Producer: Xu Zhijie

CoProducer: Song Hong, Zheng Long

Time: 7 min



The 54 years old Jin Feibao has the personality of a leopard, just like his name. For the past 30 years, he has been hunting all over the world—for mountains. After successfully reached the top of Mount. Everest, he had become the first person to ever hang the Olympic flag on the top seven tallest mountains in the world, as well as the south and north pole. At the same time, it just took 18 months and 24 days to complete this task, which broke the record of finishing “7+2”in the shortest amount of time. During his adventure, he had several near-death experiences which not only did it not dismay him, but made him stronger both in the mind and the body.