Company: Anderson Rodrigues

Country: BRAZIL


Discipline: Soccer

Year: 2017

Director: Anderson Rodrigues

Editing: Daniel Gouveia, Rodrigo Leal

Photo: Ale Vianna, Alessandra Cabral, Anderson Rodrigues, Cesar G.

Soundtrack: Banda 6 pés na Estrada, Alexandre de Orio & Bateria S/A

Producer: Anderson Rodrigues

Time: 10 min



It is  a discussion about contemporary photographic production through the language of Brazilian football reporters and 8 thousand photos of 15 professionals present in the classic Corinthians vs. Palmeiras, at the Corinthians Arena, for the Brazilian Championship. A narrative that tries to question the authorship as well as the current hybridization between photography, television and cinema. The World Cup thus becomes a backdrop for talking about themes such as identity, displacement, acceptance, prejudice and survival, in the day-to-day life of a large Latin American metropolis.