Friday 12th November at 3.30 pm – online

Kick Boxing

Iran FICTS Film Festival

I. R. IRAN 2020, 102 min

Director: Azam Najafiam, Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

Editing: Azam Najafiam, Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

Actors: Masod Darakeh – Farshad Darkeh

Photos: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

Soundtrack: Behrooz Shahamat

Voice Off: Masod Darakeh – Farshad Darkeh

Producer: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

CoProducer: Ali Mohammad Ghasemi

The life and the succeses of Kick boxer Farshad. He is banned from fighting in Iran, but it’s a suspension with no legal document. He decides to leave the country in order to save his career and have a successful comeback. Hidden wounds of wartime. They keep resurfacing in new forms. Children that never tasted a father’s love; a father whose body and mind has been compromised as a result of war and now mistreats his healthy son whose only passion is his sport. A new fight for life and health, for honor and homeland. Social problems and inequality are a new war for a young generation that in order to realize its dreams has no choice but to run “on foot in time.