Company: Kinomedia

Country: UKRAINE



Director: Sergii Dolbilov

Edting: Sergii Sakovych

Actors: Documentary cast: Vasiliy Lomachenko, Oleksandr Usyk, Andriy Kolosov, Oleksandr Bogatskiy

Photo: Andriy Antypenko

Soundtrack: Oleksandr Udovenko

Producer: Oles Maliarevych, Sergii Dolbilov, Vlad Panchenko

Running Time: 70 min


A school teacher from a small town in eastern Europe dreamed that his son would become the best boxer on the planet. He was teaching his son to be not only a winner, but also a real Man. And for many years, Vasiliy Lomachenko defeats everyone and everywhere. He became a boxing genius, a Superman nicknamed Loma. Today in the world of big boxing he is known as Papachenko. He has fulfilled his dream. But continues to dream.