Company: Beijing Xtrail Expedition Sports Co. Ltd
Country: P.R. Of CHINA
Discipline: Skiing
Year: 2018
Director: Qin Leiyu
Editing: Xu Xin
Actors: Marco Camandona, Andrea Gianni, Daniele Cappelletti, Alessandro Monttinrlli
Photo: XTRAIL TV Team
Soundtrack: Nomadic sunset - Alexander Nakarada, Wisdom in the sun Kevin Macleod, Heavy interlude, Kevin Macleod, Kings Trailer, Rafael Krux, Anguish, Kevin Macleod
Producer: Guan Xing
CoProducer: Wang Bisen
Time: 7 min



The first part presents an observation team of 30 European ski-mountaineering professionals. The team aims at exploring the region for the first ever LGC branded ski-mountaineering race in China. The second part demonstrates the demo race of LGC Altay. Altay, once a remote area and a recently discovered origin of ski, now is waiting for more international ski lovers.