Company: Les Productions du Rapide-Blanc

Country: CANADA


Discipline: Synchronized swimming

Year: 2016

Director: Jérémie Battaglia

Editing: Alexandre Lachance

Photo: Jérémie Battaglia

Soundtrack: Vincent “Freeworm” Letellier

Producer: Sylvie Van Brabant

Time: 78 min


Strength. Stamina. Sequins. The documentary  looks  beyond the Canadian synchronized swimming team the beauty, to focus on the brawn it takes to be an Olympic athlete. With unprecedented access to the team and their trainer, it focuses on this determined, strong and hard working group of women in their quest to make it to the Olympics through the most gruelling year of their lives. From Montreal to Bratislava, Kazan and Puerto Rico, battling eating disorders, dislocated knees and crushing losses, these girls never give up. And more importantly, they never stop smiling.