Company: 7 Gold
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Soccer
Year: 2018
Director: Ernesto Tuccella
Voice Off: Francesco Bonfanti
Producer: Silver Production
Time: 128 min




From a part of the historic transmission of “7 Gold, Diretta Stadio”, the 2017/2018 television season saw the birth of  “Diretta Mercato”. Indiscretions, anticipations, scoops and incredible news – Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juventus, announced for the first time on tv by “Diretta Mercato” – have decreed the success of audience and credibility of the new transmission. Thanks to the prestige of its collaborators (among them the market expert Fabio Santini and the journalist of the editorial staff of, the transmission has become a solid reference point for football lovers in a few weeks.