Company: Eroica ssd
Country: ITALY
Discipline: Cycling
Year: 2018
Director: Marco Rimondi
Editing: Alessandro Bernard, Matteo Passerini
Actors: Luciano Berruti
Soundtrack: Duo Macaco
Producer: Marco Rimondi Studio Video
CoProducer: Eroica
Time: 23 min




Talking about Luciano Berruti, the perfect “L’Eroica”’s representative, means talking about solid principles and noble values, so much so that Giancarlo Brocci, founder of “L’Eroica”, defined him as an “example of rare humanity”. It is a story about his passion for cycing, the special way with which he lived it and the emotions drove him. This film tells us of his life and the things that made him tick. These same things bring thousands of enthusiastic cyclists from every corner of  the world to l’Eroica, on the first Sunday of October, as always, in Gaiole in Chianti.