The FICTS – Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs is a partner of the “THE BLUE PLANET EXPEDITION” project. The project was born from the idea of audiovisual producers of “Trotamundos film & docs” (operating for over 30 years making documentaries on the environment, flora, fauna, natural resources and ancient cultures) to raise awareness of our planet and take care of it. A unique journey around the world – for more than 52 months passing through 50 countries (including Italy) – aboard two catamarans, with a group made up of producers, cameramen, editors, directors, scientists, professionals, divers and guests famous people (actors, influencers, etc.) with the sole aim of raising awareness and educating the public on how we are influencing the environment, especially in a negative way. At the end of the expedition, a docu-reality series will be produced which will tell the adventures of the group taking part in the scientific expedition. The intent of this project is philanthropic and for legacy. The aim is to make available – freely on the various platforms – all the recorded material so that any professional, student or curious person, anywhere in the world, can have access to it.

The Project has received the Patronage from the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Energy security Prof. On. Picchetto Fratin.

The mission of the project is to collect data on the real situation of the quality of the seas and oceans, on surface and deep sea currents, on marine biodiversity on the islands and in the 5 continents, on permanent and seasonal winds, on the portions of land affected by these winds, on drinking water resources that discharge into the seas. At the end of the analysis of this enormous amount of data, we will understand what attitude the world must have to guarantee continuity for the protection of the planet.

The “commercial” part will be in the sale of the prepared material, in the form of a television series, which provides the viewer, depending on the chapter he sees, with detailed information, carrying forward the mission of the Cousteau Society which – since 1973 – explores the oceans by educating the public on the importance of its conservation and to protect marine species.

The FICTS (Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs) and the CMAS (Confédération mondo des activités subaquatiques), both organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee, will provide – each for their role – their know-how for the success of the project.

This expedition offers a “show” that is not just a boring documentary with the deep voice of a narrator who tells the truth with facts, but the truth will be shown (and told) in an interesting and unique way about the real state of the Planet.

Education is the first step to reversing the difficult situation we live in around the world, stopping the destruction of natural resources and biodiversity, and understanding the fragile balance of our world.

Journalistic articles will be published weekly in some of the most prestigious newspapers and magazines in the world and scientific results will be sent to universities, institutions and NGOs around the world.

18 YouTubers with more than 500 million followers will navigate each chapter for a week, one at a time, to dynamically tell the world what life on board is like.

The Blue Planet expedition comes to tell us that the future has arrived. We must face reality, even if it hurts and today we must propose strong, relevant and precise solutions. Now it’s time to present this meticulous research, in depth, in detail.

Willing to risk it all, the group will face the ultimate consequences of our time on earth, to be exposed in a reality show that can save our planet.

Everything will subsequently be produced for TV in 2 Seasons x 20 episodes each or 4 Seasons x 10 episodes each lasting 52 minutes (with 26 minute version) in English (original language), Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.